Taxi services in Belgrade provide vehicles of different colors, but each has to wear a blue sign on the roof of the vehicle and bear the name of their company.
The passenger is only required to pay for taxi services according to the current price list and to the amount indicated by the taxi meter at the end of the journey. Negotiating a price for taxi services, where the taxi meter is not switched on, is not recommended, especially at the airport.
COMPLAINTS:    011/3227-000     
The cost of the taxi ride also includes transport of the passenger’s personal baggage. Personal baggage includes travel bags and suitcases not exceeding 20 kg in weight per passenger and 50 kg in total, in the event that there are several passengers.
Taxi companies:
Akademac taksi, 2417-022
Alo taksi, 3564-555
Alfa taksi, 19807
Beotaksi, 1970, 19999
Beogradski, 19801
Euro gold taksi, 19806
Ekonomik taksi, 397-3327
Žuti taksi, 19802
Joker taxi, 3971-174
Lux taxi, 303-3123
Maksis taksi, 19804
Naksi taksi, 2157-668
TAKSI Taxi 19-9-19 
Palma taksi, 316-2020
Pepsi taksi, 488-2200
Pink taksi, 19803
Plavi taksi, 3555-999
STB taxi 19898
Taksi As, 3283-333
Taksi Bell, 19808
Taksi M, 316-2626
Herc taksi, 2446-246
City taxi, 394-0022
Rent-A-Brand, 0693322313
Taxi transfer from the airport location “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade to destinations in the city of Belgrade is done at a fixed price, depending on the 6 destination zones.
Zone Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
Price 1.400 1.800 2.200 3.000 4.500 6.000
The other taxi rides are done by the taximeter.
For the use of taxi services from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to any destination in Belgrade area and further, please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area. Please take a taxi receipt at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service.
In case the taximeter is not turned on, the passenger is not obliged to pay the transfer. Only the price shown by the taximeter can be charged to the traveler.
Taxi driver is obliged to transport passengers to the desired destination by the shortest way or by means of which the passenger requests except from the location of the airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade.
Transportation of baggage is not charged within the limits of the available baggage space in a taxi vehicle.