If you require a visa for your participants to enter SERBIA, please notify the Organizing
Committee that will create an invitation letter to be presented to your Embassy/Consulate to
assist in the visa process.
Please send a list of all travelers with Full Name, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Gender,
Nationality, and Role within the delegation. For more information about visa requirements,
please follow the link:

The event will be conducted under FINA event rules. For detailed information, please refer to
the FINA official website.

For all individuals participating in, working at, or involved in the FINA Men’s Water Polo World
League – Super Final 2019   will be issued accreditation cards who must wear them or carry
them during the entire event (18th  – 23rd June). Entrances to each accreditation zone will be
clearly identified by the zone name, color, number and pictures of accreditations cards that can
pass. Only those who have that zone number and color listed on their pass will be granted

access. Participating Federations should fill out the Entry Form (you have received Entry Form
with other Forms with an Information Bulletin).

Along with Final Entry Form have to be attached:
a) TEAM GROUP photo (in format .jpg, .png), example, TEAM.jpg.or png or other vector
b) INDIVIDUAL photos of all players, officials and referees, example:

REPRESENTATIVE. jpg.or png or other vector formats;
The Preliminary Entry Form with photos should be sent no later than 24th May 2019, to email

Regarding FINA regulations on this competition FINA Medical Delegate will make Anti-Doping
Control supported by staff of Serbian Anti-Doping Agency (approved by WADA). All athletes
may be subject to Anti-Doping Control sample collection and testing throughout the


Technical Meeting will be held on 17th June 2019 at 18 h, at the hotel Holiday Inn, Španskih  boraca 74. Two representatives of
each participating Team are kindly invited to be present on Technical Meeting with passports
of players and copies of players’ passports which will be taken by staff of Anti-Doping
Control. The team representative will be asked to give written approval for the correct version
of national anthem and a correct color image of the national flag on behalf of their National
Federation. The Final Entry Form has to be submitted to the TWPC DELEGATE
at the Technical Meeting.

Only players and bench officials listed in Final Entry Form are allowed to be listed in the protocol of the games.

 No changes are possible after submission of Final Entry Form. Serbian Water Polo Federation will provide
transportation from official hotels to Technical Meeting and back. Transportation schedule will
be given to each team upon arrival in Belgrade.

REFEREES TECHNICAL WORKSHOP will be organized for all participating Referees on the day of the

Technical Meeting, 17th June, at the Hotel Holiday Inn. Workshop Times: 9:00-17:00 h.

Please note that 2-3 team representatives per country are invited to attend the General part (9.00 – 10.30 am).

The date, time and place of Official Dinner tba. Two representatives of each participating Team
are kindly invited to be present on Official Dinner. Serbian Water Polo Federation will provide
transport to Official Dinner. The exact transportation plan will be given to the Team Managers
upon arrival.