HUNGARY 15:13 JAPAN (4:3, 4:2, 2:2, 5:6)

HUNGARY: Gor-Nagy, Kallay 1, Gyarfas, Pasztor 1, Nemet 3, Jansik, Kovacz 1, Erdelyi 2, Batori 3, Bedo 3, Nagyi 1, Bisztritsanyi

JAPAN: Tanamura, Date, Koppu 1, Shiga 3, Joshida 1, Kageta, Shimzu, Takata, Arai 1, Inaba 3, Okawa 4, Araki, Fukushima

National team coach of Japan, Yoji Omoto, said that if his team win against Hungary it would be equal to winning Olympic medal. However, they will have to wait to take that scalp. Players of Tamas Marcz were better than the Asian team on the last day of World League Superfinal in Belgrad 15:13. On that way, European team finished the competition at the fifth place.

Result roundabout was seen in the first period. Hungarian players were better in the finish of that quarter, with goals from Kovacz and Erdelyi for one goal advantage after first eight minutes of the game. Batori scored for plus three and that advantage they kept successfully until the end and first half was ended 8:5 to Hungarian team.

Second part of the game didn´t bring a change. Mixed roster of Hungary held the advantage and easily solved the match in their advantage 15:13. This triumph meant that the European team took fifth place at the World League Superfinal while Japan finished sixth.

Player that scored eight goals in two matches against Japan, Toni Nemet, summed what his team did in Belgrade:

– We had a good tournament, and maybe only the first match against Canada cast a shadow to our performance here, while loss against Australia lack of lack in the penalty shootout. We are going to Hungary to get ready for the next competition.

One of the best players at this match, David Bisztritsanyi said:

– We knew that we have to expect a difficult match, played in a different way and we are satisfied after the win. We came to Belgrade to win a medal and we are sad that it didn´t happen. This is our mixed roster and we have to be proud for what we did. Long season is behind us, we came to Serbia in combined roster so the main players of our teams have the opportunity to rest before the World Championship.

Yoji Omoto, national team coach of Japan, pointed out the significance of playing the tournament in the Serbian capitol:

– We had good periods at this match, but too many mistakes and bad defensive decisions that costed us better result. Games against the strongest national teams showed us which parts of our game we have to improve. It is difficult to play six games in six days and the rest is more than welcome, because we also had long trip to Belgrade. We have enough time to prepare for the World Championships in South Korea.