CANADA 16:17 KAZAKHSTAN ( 4:2, 3:3, 4:5, 2:3, 3:4 )

CANADA: Aleksić, Paterson 1, Đerković, Konstantin 5, Haladžijan 1, Torakis, Spuner, Kot 2, Gardijan, Soleimanipak, Blašard, de Souza 4, Radenović

KAZAKHSTAN: Mahmetov, Medvedev 1, Žardan 4, Pilipenko 1, Aubakirov, Šmider, Šakenov 3, Altajev 1, Švedov 2, Rudaj 1, Manafov, Verdeš, Šlemov

Good play of Canadian team during the World League Superfinal in Belgrade and Kazakhstan that became more efficient as time went by guaranteed an exciting match for the seventh place. Both teams wanted to leave the Tašmajdan stadium at the seventh place and the team from Asia had their first victory after penalty shootout – 17:16.

First half went to Canada and they had the first lead. After several minutes and an equal beginning of the match, best scorer for Canada d´Souza helped his team get the two goal advantage at the end of the first half. Players of coach Dejan Stanojević kept on playing and hoping for the seventh place. Zhardan in the middle of the second quarter tied the match and that was it for Kazakhstan in the first half. Constantin-Biecari and Cote got back the lead for their team and at the big break Canada left with two goal advantage (7:5).

Second part of the match brought more efficient play from both teams and Kazakhstan again tied the match. However, Asian team efforts were stopped by d´Souza and the Pino Porzio team held the minimal advantage after three quarters. Nicolas Constantin-Biecari played his best match at the tournament as he scored two consecutive goals to bring Canada back to two goal advantage, three minutes before the end. But, Pilipenko and Shakenov again managed to make the game tied and the game was ended as a draw 13:13. We need to point out that Canada played the last period without d´Souza who had three fouls.

Penalty shootout had to make the difference between the two team, and unfortunately two Canadian players – Halajian and Cote cost their team seventh position. Aubakirov scored the last goal for his team and Kazakhstan won the seventh position at the competitions.

Experienced coach Pino Porzio summed his team performance at the final tournament:

– Good game, spectators could enjoy it. Although we had the lead all the time, we couldn´t break the opponents resistance. Kazakhstan fought great during the entire match and we missed two penalites in the penalty shootout, but that is reasonable because we are a young team. Reason of today´s defeat we need to look in bad defense – said the Italian coach and added.

This is a high level tournament, best team participate here. We recently had the club season and a normal thing is that not everyone played their best. I think that six games in six days are not good for water polo and we have to do something for it.