AUSTRALIA 11:10 SPAIN (3:1, 2:3, 4:4, 2:2)

AUSTRALIJA: Dennerley, Campbell 1, G. Ford, Kayes 4, Power, Lachlan, Roach, Younger 3, E. Ford, Holis, Howden 2, Edwards 1, Hrysanthos

SPAIN: Lopez 1, Munarriz 2, Granados 2, de Toro, Cabanas, Larumbe 1, Garcia, Fernandez, Tahull 1, Perrone, Mallarach 3, Bustos, Lorrio

Bronze medal goes to Australia. Players of Elvis Fatović defeated Spain 11:10 and in that way crowned their performance at the World League Superfinal in Belgrade with a bronze medal.

Better start of the match let Australia have two goal advantage from the start thanks to Joseph Kayes who scored two goals. Bad attacking decisions from Spanish players cost them better result after first eight minutes of the game. Coach David Martin players managed to stabilize in the second period but even that was not good enough to have positive result at the halftime. Kayes scored a goal with the extra player in the swimming pool and that allowed his team to have a minimal advantage at the halftime.

Second part of the match brought efficient plays from both sides, Kangaroos even had three goal advantage, but Blai Mallarach kept his team in the game. Result stayed the same after the third quarter. Goal drought in the last period was stopped by Munarriz and the match was tied at that time. Australia answered, through goals from Kayes and Campbell and Elvis Fatović´s team returned the two goal advantage. Lopez managed to reduce the score, but they didn´t have enough strength to come to the bronze medal.

Australian team coach Elvis Fatović, pointed out the significance of the tournament for his team:

– I am very proud for my team. We played physically and mentally hard game against Spain after five tournament days. We managed to conclude the match the way we wanted, we had the lead during the entire game, but we let our opponents get back at one moment. At this tournament we proved ourselves that we can compete with the best in the world. We now have to prepare for the World Cup and our focus is to rest before the beginning. Conditions coach now have a great job to do.

Most valuable player of the match, Joseph Kayes from Australia, told us his impression and announce the plan for his team:

– We knew that we will have mentally tough game. More luck at the beginning and two goal advantage we had let us have more relaxing match. It is a pleasure to win the medal among these teams. We have couple days to rest and after that we start preparing for World Championship with several training matches against Spain.