AUSTRALIA 11 : 16 SERBIA (2:6, 2:3, 3:2, 4:5)

AUSTRALIA: Dennerley, Campbell 2, G. Ford, Kayes 3, Power, Lachlan, Roach 1, Younger 2, E. Ford 1, Putt 1, Howden, Edwards 1, Hrysanthos.

SERBIA: G. Pijetlović, Mandić 1, S. Rašović 1, Ranđelović, Ćuk, D. Pijetlović 2, Vico 2, Aleksić, Jakšić 1, Filipović 5, Prlainović 3, S. Mitrović 1, B. Mitrović.

Serbian national team is a step closer to the gold medal and Olympic Games visa for Tokyo after a victory of against Australia 16:11.

Serbian Dolphins played an amazing first half and after 16 minutes of play they secured a peaceful match until the end and a place in a grand final. Great problem for Australia was a very diverse play of the opponent and five different scorers for 9:4 lead. Filipović, Pijetlović and Vico announce Serbia victory by a great margin.

In the second half Australia managed to reduce the advantage of Serbia to 13:11, but it was too late to turn the match around.

Filip Filipović was the most efficient player with five goals next to his name, while Kayes on the other hand had three goals on his account.

Serbia team coach Dejan Savić pointed out after the match:

– Match against Australia had two sides. First half was excellent in every aspect while we had a lot of defensive issues in the third and fourth quarter.

Elvis Fatović, coach of Australian team is happy that his team is still fighting for a medal:

– First quarter was the most important and we played really bad at the start. Tomorrow we have a bronze medal match and if manage to win it it would be a major success for us.

Stefan Mitrović, one of the players that scored against the Kangaroos, was pleased wit both the game and the result:

– We were controlling the game the whole time and it is up to us to rest as much as we can and prepare for the final.

Australian player, Aaron Younger told his opinion about the match:

– We started really bad, like we did yesterday and that was too much when you play against a team like Serbia. We didn´t have much chances to get back in the game, we managed to be two goals behind, but we didn´t have time and opportunity to come back in the match.