Hungary 15 : 8 Canada (4:3, 4:3, 3:1, 4:1)

HUNGARY: Gor-Nagy 1, Kallay 3, Varnai, Pasztor 1, Nemet 1, Jansik 1, Kovacz 3, Erdelyi 2, Batori 3 , Bedo, Nagyi, Bisztritsanyi.

CANADA: Aleksić, Paterson, Đerković, Konstantin 1, Haladžijan 2, Torakis, Spuner, Kot, Gardijan 2, Soleimanipak, Blanšar, d’Souza 3, Radenović.

Hungary had a rematch with Canada and this time they won to keep on fighting for the fifth place in the World League Superfinals, 15:8.

Excellent game in the second half for the win against the opponents they lost to in the group stage. Canada didn´t have the strength to recover after the match against Serbia. Goals from Kovacz, Nemet, Erdelyi, Kallay and Nagyi helped former Olympic Games champions to win against the North American side.

First part of the match was even all the way till the middle of the second quarter when Hungary had two goal advantage for the first time. Most efficient players were Batori, Kovacz and Kallay with three goals, while d´Souza on the other hand was the most efficient.

Tamas Marcz, Hungary coach, said after the match:

– After we lost the first match against Canada we knew we are not the team everyone expected us to be. We have more quality, but we had to prove it in the swimming pool. We changed our defense in the second half and I would like to congratulate the team, because it is not easy to play after a defeat against Australia.

Mark Kallay, scorer of three goals, share his impressions:

– After yesterday heavy loss, we changed our defense in the second half. It was a rematch for us, and tomorrow we will play probably against Japan to win the fifth place, and I am proud for my team. Competition in Belgrade is only preparation for the World Championship.

Pino Porzci, Canada coach, pointed out:

– Yesterday we played against Serbia and we had strength only for the first two quarters. However, they have more quality than us, some of my players are not ready for this level of competition. We had big problems with they style of defense, when we attacked with an extra player. Tomorrow we have another match against Japan or Kazakhstan and I think we are ready to take the seventh place at the World League Superfinals.