SPAIN 19:10 KAZAKHSTAN (4:1, 4:2, 6:4, 5:3)

SPAIN: Lopez, Munarriz 3, Granados 5, de Toro 2, Cabanas, Larumbe 2, Barroso 4, Fernandez, Sanahuja 2, Garcia, Mallarach 1, Bustos, Lorrio

KAZAKHSTAN: Makhmetov, Medvedev 1, Zhardan 2, Pilipenko 1, Aubakirov, Shmider, Shakenov, Berbelyuk, Shvedov, Ruday 3, Altayev 2, Verdesh 1, Shlemov.

National team of Spain had an excellent game and won against Kazakhstan 19:10, and booked their ticket in the semifinal of World League Superfinal in Belgrade. Tomorrow they will face Croatia for a place in the grand final.

Coach of the European team David Martin used the opportunity to rest his best player Felipe Perrone. In the game itself, European vice-champions played with focus and concentration in both attack and defense and had 4:0 and the result kept on rising.

We need to say that Kazakhstan played better and put an extra effort in this match than in the group stage, and today was the first time they scored 10 or more goals at the tournament.

David Martin said that he was please with the effort from his players:

– We proved to be the favorites and we will face Croatia well rested. That will be our most important match at this tournament. About the match we had today, the most important thing is  that we won. Important is also that everyone is well rested and ready to fight for the final.

Alberto Munarriz, scorer of three goals for Spain at this match said:

– We are happy to be among four best teams at the tournament. We are a young team, it is very important to use the opportunity to fight for a medal at these kind of competitions. We hope to lay a good match tomorrow. Croatia is one of the best teams in the world and they are strong at every position. We have to be perfect and aggressive from the start if we want to win. I can promise that we will put on a good fight.